A community where people rebuild their lives

Help rebuild lives. Please give now!

Alain's got sauce_cropped_webWhen PARC first opened, it was a place where psychiatric survivors could go and connect with peers. Today PARC is a community where people rebuild their lives and one where people help build our community.

There are three important ways you can support PARC:

  • You can make a one-time donation on our donation page
    Your gift of any size will help – here is how:
    $25 – will buy a soccer ball, guitar strings, art supplies, a pizza for our volunteers, or a meal for a member waiting for service at the hospital or waiting in line for shelter, income or health support services.
    $100 – will buy protein for a meal. Each PARC meal serves from 40-120 people. Our base funding and food donations allows us to serve protein only half the time. Your gift will add turkey, tofu or nuts to a meal at PARC.
    $250 – will help furnish an apartment for a newly housed member. For example a new mattress, vintage curtains and furniture, new pots, and a plant.
  • You can make monthly donations on our donation page
    By committing to support PARC every month you are helping us to plan our work more effectively. If we know we can count on your support, we can plan our kitchen meals to include protein; we can replace or add to our musical, arts and sports equipment; we can help furnish an apartment for a newly housed member. Monthly gifts are the most powerful way you can make a difference at PARC.
  • You can send an email describing your in-kind donation to info@parc.on.ca


Gift Cards – $5 $10 or $20 gift cards for food and services

New (still in wrapper preferably) ANYTHING we can set aside to use for holiday gifts

  • 160-200 men
  • 100-150 women


  • All our members are adults; apologies we cannot accept CHILDREN clothing
  • Many of our members are SIZES large or X-Large
  • Ratio of men to women is roughly 65% MEN and 35% WOMEN
  • Clear bags, freshly laundered, clearly labelled, like things together if possible


  1. New or nearly new in very fine shape
    • Underwear
    • Socks
    • Toques
    • Mitts
    • Hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc)
  2. Gently Used
    • Towels (we desperately need towels now in fact)
    • T-shirts and sweatshirts (warm sweaters and coats in winter)
    • Sweatpants and pyjama pants
    • Running shoes (warm boots in winter)

Our clothing storage area for clothes is quite limited but we always like to have some of the above items on hand.

Food donations: The food bank is run by Parkdale Community Food Bank


We have a large walk-in fridge and freezer and sizable pantry area where we gather foodstuffs—sometimes we save donated items until we have enough for a meal but as you can imagine our chef so appreciates one donation large enough for a few meals so her menu planning is made easier. Tessa White, our chef, is truly gifted and is the kind of chef who arrives in the morning and can decide to cook beef stew with hand rolled dumplings because it’s chilly outside. Tessa plans the meals that the cooks prepare on days she is not herself cooking.

  • Food:We would always appreciate bulk donations
    – kosher salt – bulk pack
    – margarine – foodservice buckets
    – cooking oil (large jugs), Pam or any other spray oil
    – assorted vinegars (large jugs)
    – lemon juice
    – assorted spices (large containers, foodservice jugs ideally)
    – quick oats/any dry cereal
    – brown sugar
    – pasta (rotini or penne, lasagna)
    – parboil rice
    – dried grains: chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, split peas, barley, quinoa, etc/or can products will work as well
    – full cases of frozen meats (st andrew’s poultry sells to the general public)
    – full cases of fresh fruit (no frills will sell by the case)If you want to donate but aren’t sure where to purchase in bulk, SKOR Wholesale Marketplace is a cash-and-carry system that sells food, non-food and beverage products at wholesale prices to the general public
  • Non-food:
    – laundry soap
    – ikea tea towels
    – coffee mugs
    – utensils: mostly soup spoons & Dinner forks
    – dinner plates
    – soup bowls

Wow! We are amazed at our community’s generosity. From spices to add taste to a whole side of elk that adds valuable protein, food donations make up 90% of our meals here at PARC. We seem to always need a new supply of hygiene products, socks, mitts and hats; and we can never have too many $5 $10 or $20 gift cards for food and services most members cannot afford.

Thank you for helping build our inclusive and welcoming community!