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A community where people rebuild their lives


Our Vision

PARC imagines a world where everyone lives with dignity, safety and there are enough resources for everyone to achieve their potential.

Our Values

Welcome People

PARC is a safe community with open doors.

End Poverty

PARC focuses on both the individuals affected and on the systemic practices that produce poverty.

Human Rights

PARC is committed to challenging oppression that renders people vulnerable.

Healing and Health

PARC encourages engagement with opportunities to share and learn, a community where people rebuild their lives.

Thank you! to our funders and donors

Individual Donors

Thank you for your generous gifts that allow us to build a strong foundation for PARC’s future, year after year. Through your donations we have reached a significant milestone of 40 years serving. Every dollar has meant nutritious meals, community building, and the provision of safe and dignified homes for our community. You truly make a difference for us, as our efforts only go as far as your support—and we are very grateful.