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Greater Toronto Non-Profit Community Space Survey Title Page

Greater Toronto Non-Profit Community Space Survey Results

This is a groundbreaking study of social purpose space in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Written collaboratively with the Toronto Social Purpose Real Estate Group, this report was further understand the current state of community space for organization including barriers and challenges as well as future needs.  An amazing group of organizations participated in this report, you can download it here [.pdf].

Toronto’s Social Purpose Real Estate Reference Group Members

Consultant, Lori Martin
Consultant, LoriAnn Girvan
CP Planning
Findhelp | 211 Central
Iler Campbell LLP
Infrastructure Institute, School of Cities, University of Toronto
Kendra Fry, Creative Collisions
Kensington Market Community Land Trust
Ontario Nonprofit Network
Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC)
Tapestry Community Capital
Toronto Neighbourhood Centres
Toronto Nonprofit Network
Trinity Centres Foundation
United Church of Canada
United Way Greater Toronto

Poverty POV Title page

Poverty POV: What we are hearing

PARC staff participated in the survey that informed this latest POV. The latest report states “…Our consultation has revealed that the rights to housing and to mental health and addiction care are indivisible and interdependent, with other rights that lead to well-being and prosperity, such as the right to practice one’s culture and the right to food. This means that one set of rights cannot be enjoyed fully without the others.”

Five core issues are identified that we see the effects of every day and help inform what is needed on the advocacy front, from the failings of our system to the needs of members we support.

Download the full report here (.pdf)