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Greater Toronto Non-Profit Community Space Survey Title Page

2024 Parkdale Community Planning Study

After four years of in-depth engagement and collective visioning, the 2024 Parkdale Community Plan is ready! This community plan embodies the tireless contributions, passion, and dedication of countless individuals and organizations in Parkdale.

While change is inevitable, our collective effort shapes how change happens. The 2024 Parkdale Community Planning Study aims to achieve a vision of decent work, shared wealth, and equitable development. In the themes of housing justice, solidarity economy, community health and safety, social infrastructure, food systems, and climate action, we lay out how community members and partner organizations can build a better future for Parkdale.

Learn more about the Parkdale People’s Economy Here!

Read the full 2024 Parkdale Community Planning Study


Poverty POV Title page

Poverty POV: What we are hearing

PARC staff participated in the survey that informed this latest POV. The latest report states “…Our consultation has revealed that the rights to housing and to mental health and addiction care are indivisible and interdependent, with other rights that lead to well-being and prosperity, such as the right to practice one’s culture and the right to food. This means that one set of rights cannot be enjoyed fully without the others.”

Five core issues are identified that we see the effects of every day and help inform what is needed on the advocacy front, from the failings of our system to the needs of members we support.

Download the full report here (.pdf)