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Creating Health Plus (CH+)

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Creating Health Plus (CH+) is an essential program that increases access to healthy and fresh food to its member agencies by purchasing and delivering 5 food items – eggs, milk, yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. CH+’s goal is to increase the capacity of drop-ins to cook and serve nutritious meals to improve the health and well-being of the equity-deserving populations they serve.

CH+ is a joint program that is funded by The City of Toronto’s Shelter Support and Housing Administration (SSHA) and Toronto Public Health, coordinated by Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC), and logistically supported by North York Harvest Food Bank through FoodReach – their social enterprise.

Drop-ins face many challenges in supporting the people they serve, one of which is feeding them healthy meals because of inconsistent donations and their limited budgets facing the constant pressures of inflation. CH+ is one of the only reliable and consistent sources of food they have. We strive to continue to reliably support our agencies and expand our reach to extend our services to other agencies in need.

Our Partners

Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre is one of the original founders and the lead agency supporting the coordination of CH+ and the program coordinator to support capacity building, sustainability planning, governance, and advocacy.

North York Harvest Food Bank supports the logistic operations of CH+ through the power of their social enterprise, FoodReach, an online buying portal where non-profit customers can purchase food and have it directly shipped from the supplier. Food for CH+ member agencies is purchased through FoodReach generating bulk purchasing power from ordering large quantities of food, which significantly brings down the cost of food, providing excellent value.

Funding Partners

The work we do is made possible through the financial support we receive from the City of Toronto, Toronto Public Health, and United Way.

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