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Embracing Equity #IWD 2023

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Articles

Every year we’re proud to mark International Women’s Day, to celebrate all the significant and impactful work of our staff, members, volunteers and board, who work to embrace equity, inclusion and diversity – advocating and fighting for issues women face locally and globally.

 This year’s theme is Embrace Equity, and here are a few quotes and pictures from #IWD2023!

“Embracing equity means celebrating our differences instead of using them to disempower each other. It means bringing awareness to our biases and counteracting the ways we contribute to power imbalances. I believe when we embrace equity, we are being intentional in the way we interact with the world and the decisions we make that increase inclusivity.”

“To me embracing equity means being open to change so there is more inclusive environment.”

Thank you to all the women of PARC- today and every day!