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Welcome Home

Parkdale Activity - Recreation Centre (PARC) hosted the "Welcome Home"– Virtual Fundraising Event on March 31, 2022. We thank everyone who attended the event, sponsored our event, and donated to our cause.

Many of our supporters helped us raise funds to support PARC in providing "welcome home baskets" and building gardens in and around the buildings during this event.

Many individuals we serve do not have access to resources to resettle into their new homes and often leave their social circles behind. The "welcome home basket" offers a combination of necessities to enhance the experience of moving into independent housing. These baskets help tenants settle into their new space, a home, where they can live comfortably with dignity and respect. The gardens in and around the buildings promote a living community space and community engagement through gardening activities. Importantly, this project will reintroduce native plants and materials to our spaces.

You can donate to the "Welcome Home Campaign" Here

The Event Featured:

This event featured unique stories of PARC members in PARC Housing through a short film. The short film features the story of the community fighting for - and creating - affordable housing and diverse neighbourhoods. Watch the teaser here.

Welcome Home Event Featured Exclusive Music Performances from extraordinary Canadian artists.

Justin Rutledge: Juno Award-winning songwriter and artist, Justin Rutledge is known for his fantastic timeless songcraft. Read more here.

Kevin Breit: Juno Award-winning Artist, "guitarist Kevin Breit is an acclaimed, multi-dimensional performer whose adept skills bridge his love of jazz, blues, rootsy country twang, and experimental rock." Read more here.

Zepheniah James: A Canadian artist from Jamaica, brother of the late Philip James of the Blues Busters, worked at PARC from February 2000 until he retired in April 2016. Zephie was the bandleader for the music program and jam sessions at PARC and created CDs, leading the PARC Drummers.