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Knowledge is Power (KIP)

Knowledge is Power (KIP) is a workshop and training series for members that focus on anti-oppression, social justice, social change, self-reflective practice, and communication strategies.

The course curriculum helps participants develop their personal organizing, communication, leadership and peace-making skills and strengths in an inter-active learning environment.

Our Solution

KIP has 4 overall objectives for participants:

  • to become more self-aware about the barriers they and others face and will acquire skills to help them value themselves and others as individuals and as members of the community.

  • to understand how oppression and privilege play out in their own and other people’s lives, and how they can work with others to make sure that power is shared, and human rights are respected.

  • to learn and practice communication, conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills and understand when and how to use them within their community.

  • have the understanding and skills that they need to become a positive model within the community and in other areas of their lives.

Eligibility Requirements

Can You Apply

Candidates must demonstrate basic English literacy including the ability to read and write English independently; basic technological skills including the ability to connect to virtual meetings; a desire to enhance their leadership skills; the ability to be a team player; the mental and physical well being to fully commit to the full workshop series; stability in their recovery process; and, the ability to treat others with dignity and respect.

This program is a pre-requisite for the Ambassadors Program.

    How To Apply

    KIP has two annual sessions, in the spring and fall. Each session lasts 5 to 6 weeks, with the group meeting twice weekly for 3-hour meetings.

    Before each session, posters containing the session’s information will be widely shared throughout PARC’s network, including contact and application information. If a member is interested in learning more about KIP between active sessions, they can reach out to the Employment Facilitator at PARC.

    If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us:

    (416) 537-2262


    KIP has two annual sessions, in the spring and fall. Each session lasts 5-6 weeks, with the group meeting twice weekly for three hour meetings.

    Program Details

    Applications, acceptance, support to trainees, and program coordination is handled by the Employment Facilitator at PARC.

    The topics throughout the workshop and training series will be co-facilitated by various PARC staff with years of experience in community organizing, support, advocacy and other forms of anti-oppression and systemic level work.

    KIP provides group training around sensitive and self-reflective topics but is not intended to be considered a form of therapy or counseling.

    This course is largely based on the work of Anne Bishop, particularly her “Grassroots Leaders Building Skills: A Course in Community Leadership”, which was published in 2004. Both courses are based the popular education models of Paulo Freire and others. It is taught with an anti- oppression/liberation framework that acknowledges the need for lasting social change. People are encouraged to use real life examples to practice their skills, and to tell and listen to stories about their experiences. Practical application of concepts learned in class is the best way for students to internalize their learning. The concept of community is essential to the course – participants learn together, their subject matter is their community, and their goal is to become change agents within their community.

    Former KIP graduates have described the experience as eye-opening and life changing, highlighting that it changed their view of how they fit into the world around them.