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The Year Ahead 

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Happy new year from PARC!  We are so grateful for the continued support we receive from the community to help us continue to fight poverty. It gives us hope and energy for the year ahead. 

PARC staff worked harder than ever to help our members deal with the ongoing impacts of poverty and deliver services to support them.  From running the Drop-in, running small online groups, supporting tenants and delivering community meals, the commitment of our staff to keep our doors open and serve as many people as possible is incredible.   In October, our staff pulled together to host the first PARC camp in over two years with creativity and commitment.  The opportunity to get outside of the city for a few days had profound impact on those who attended. 

Finding affordable, supportive housing continues to be a challenge across the city, and we are committed to ensuring safe and secure homes for our tenants. The following article came out in December, ideas across the city on how to improve housing for all – we hope some of them get across! 

Our Board and Committees continue to work on policy for change; our Advocacy Committee was especially active preparing and launching a community survey for the provincial election to inform the committees Provincial Election Platform table. They prepared a variety of responses to federal, provincial and municipal budgets, letters and reports about affordable housing as well as presenting at the local National Housing Day event.  All possible because of a fully engaged board of directors and active committees. 

This summary only scratches the surface of activities, supports and actions that radiated out of PARC and Parkdale.  We have a dedicated team who show up every day to provide compassionate support while advocating for change.   

There will be much to do in 2023 including our next strategic plan (2023-2027).  We will continue to work on the challenges that are being carried over into the coming year as well as the inevitably new ones that will require the ingenuity and creativity of everyone to solve.