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Our Annual Reports


It has been another eventful and tough year of our community living, working, and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are doing as well as can be expected despite increased deaths due to isolation, the growing epidemic of opioid use, increased absence due to stress of the pandemic, increased position vacancies, and other daily challenges.

Incredibly, we have managed to keep our doors open to meet the changing needs of our members and others who depend on us.

At our 2021 Annual General Meeting, we took a moment to reflect on some of our achievements and talk about how we’ll continue to keep moving forward:

  • We continue to support homeless individuals every day in our drop-in.
  • We provided 146,000 meals in the past year, a 100% increase from 2019.
  • Our staff work hard to implement COVID-19 measures; we have managed to have ZERO outbreaks in PARC.
  • PARC staff moved some programming online to keep members connected – this is an ongoing need, and we hope to provide more.
  • PARC Housing Support Workers provide 8234 interactions with member tenants in 109 units across 6 buildings.
  • We added 5 buildings to our supportive/affordable housing just prior to, and during the pandemic.

**Our 2020/21 Annual Report has more highlights, results and how we could use your support! **

Download the .pdf version of our 2020/21 Annual Report