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During COVID-19

Here’s what we are doing at PARC to accommodate service levels during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Drop-in and meals:

Our drop-in is open seven days a week to support homeless adults as well as some of our more isolated and unsupported Parkdalians. With the new guidelines on physical distancing and numbers of people gathered we screen every person wishing to enter PARC’s drop-in. We have seats and tables spaced to reduce potential transmission. We welcome a limited number of people (no more than 20) at any one time.

We are providing about 300-400 meals a day, the majority are to go, first come, first serve.

Supportive Housing

The housing team are supporting tenants at all 4 sites (technically 5 as the rooming house is 2 addresses) with daily telephone contact where possible and focused support for those with higher needs.

Case Management

The case management team is supporting members with daily telephone contact and focused support for those with higher critical well-being needs.

Money Matters

Money Matters, our voluntary financial trustee program, has reduced contact to twice a week. Streamlining the number of transactions and transitioning the ones that can be made on-line or by direct deposit. The most important part of the Money Matters program is rent payment which are still being processed.

Community Access Program

The accompaniment program is on hold at at this time and the staff are redeployed to other programs.


Most of the employment program is on hold for now with the exception of TSB cleaning.

The Silver Brush

We are looking to increase cleaning shifts and exploring a potential partnership with Building Up for more cleaners and semi-skilled maintenance people to help with the new demands.

We are participating in a number of system tables as the city and partner services try to reformat their logistics and human resources with the new reality.

  • There is a daily city-wide situation table to identify needs for neighbourhoods and agencies to better support Residents – especially the homeless and under housed.
  • There is a daily telephone and email group of settlement house and community centres that run a a variety of programs including drop-ins, day cares, services for seniors and newcomers.
  • The city and United Way are working to create 10 Neighbourhood clusters that will serve the city locally. Here is a link:
  • We receive daily updates about covid-19 cases, updated precautions and screening tools from: Shelter Support and Housing Administration, Toronto Public Health, Ontario Health and the TC-LHIN. We are waiting confirmation of Personal Protective Equipment supplies from either the City or the Province.